Weekend Project : How would you improve Google Maps


Does this problem even exist ?


What is the TAM for this ?

Potentially everyone on this planet

Is there any underlying needs for such services?

Yes, Being connected and sense of belonging.

aren’t there many people working on identical projects and why not everybody else is doing it if this has so much potential?

Lets start with worst assumption : There is no one working because it doesn’t have much potential. However potential inter planetary species will wish to know their roots.

Tell me a interesting story behind this

Arabic/Urdu: شجرہ, Hindi: वंशावली : In my lifetime 35Now , i have already travelled few locations , spent great deal of time and created lot of memories  shared on SOCIAL media platoforms ( which NOW are deep down buried everything in the Scroll Hell).

can  i ever go back to visit my memory lane again? possible but not feasible?

Google does have reminder features two years ago  , 8 years ago feature which i loved BTW.