Weekend Project : Invite & Host -Sports & Events


Demo Project of Sports Event Project & host it on twork.co.in.

Thinking in Designs

Homepage Map Showing play’s happening in close locations basis pincodes
Data of User’s Available in the location

Icons of different Sports being played nearby or upcoming
Popup of current status on the map

Top Right Profile Photo & Link to profile
Left menu
Team – Page with PLAYERS
Rating & Points based on performence & Team mates inputs
Chats – System will automatically add the Person to whatsapp group
compensations & awards

DB Architecture
user turf turf_slot turf_booking
id  id id id
email name turf_id (foreign key to turf) turf_slot_it (foreign key to turf_slot)
mobile_no location days_on ( eg. All day of the week open 1111111, 00000111) user_id ( foreign key to user)
password type start_time booking_date_time
fitst_name created_at end_time created_at
las_name update_at is_active updated_at
created_at is_active created_at is_active
updated_at   updated  

Select the sports & find the nearest location & date
Finalize the location & Add money in escrow (Estimated)

for individual games like Badminton user can select the gender of the opponent.

Categories of Sports Startups in India
Event Management: Organize sports events & activities and then gather people to participate. Ex: XtremeZone India
Social Engagement: Social Platforms that help sports enthusiasts find each other and organize sports activities. Ex: SportsWave
Professional Training Academy: Sports academies to help those with professional ambitions. Ex: KOOH Sports
Retail & e-Commerce: Ex: Live Your Sport
Content Generation: Provider of different kinds of contents (statistics, videos etc) to sports fanatics.
Listing Platforms: Platforms to find and book sports facilities. Ex: PlayBonker
Marketplace for Coaches: Ex: CoachFinders
Sports Analytics: Startups collecting various data points and providing information to players, coaches and other stakeholders. Ex: Retisense
Fantasy Leagues: Ex: Dream11

Technology Stack in development

Current Status


Database Mysql

Front End / App technology – Flutter

Node Express