Product Management – Book of reference


AUTHORS NOTE : . Scenario’s discussed in the book have been inspired by real life events. i wish to bring about this book for future reference guide to my fellow team members & students. This Book is heavily influenced by Digital Product management Book course of BOSTON University.

ABOUT THE BOOK: We are OFTEN misunderstood . For some, we do everything & other’s we do nothing.

Product management its non leaner job. there is no fixed tools of trade or FIXED methodologies to guarantee success. What i have understood over the years & read from the experts could be summarised below.

  • Introduction
  • Personal Context: What’s in It for Me?
  • business Context: PMs Operate within a Business Model
  • Part II: Envisioning Products & Leveraging Organizational Processes
  • Product Context: Ideation and Hypotheses Development
  • Organizational Context: Teams, Processes and Decisions
  • Part III: Requirements, MVP and the Evolution of Products
  • Use Context: The Science of Requirement Management
  • Teams, Processes and Decisions
  • Part IV: Development Iterations & Go To Market Effort
  • Architecture, A/B Tests, and Continual Validation
  • Go-to-Market
  • Part V: Systems Thinking: P&L, Lifecycles & Roadmap
  • Metrics: P&L, Intermediate Measures and Risks
  • Beyond Going to Market: Product Lifecycle and Road Mapping
  • Part VI: Taking a Long View: PM Career Paths
  • Coordination: Soft Skills, Traits and Stakeholder Networks
  • Book Closing Paragraph
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