Weekend Project: Rumi – Find your Mate

  1. Vision and Strategy
  2. Pain points identified
  3. About Target Market (TAM , SAM & SOM)
  4. Service Addressable Market
  5. Target audience (Personality Traits)
  6. Key SPICE of Match profiling
  7. guiding document for executing the strategy
  8. Scenario planning
  9. SWOT (Rumi)


  1. Vision and Strategy


Our vision is to create environment of trust and mutual co-existence within 4 walls also.

Strategy – Build an app which would not just work need based matchmaker but bring most important aspect of building the communicates “Mutual understanding” & similitude. How we plan to achieve has been detailed in the document further. 

  • Pain points identified
  1. The user is uncertain about the other roommate. There is level of anxiety to bring someone onboard. Though a lot of things are obvious but key personality traits are drivers of fruitful coexistence. Personality traits are most overlooked pain point for the users.
  • The user with apartment but could not pay rent alone , hence needs room mate
  • The user without apartment looking for room mate that already has an apartment to share
  • The user without an apartment looking for either room mate with or without an apartment.
  • They all have one thing in common , due to budget constrained they cant afford to get a place alone, so they need reliable trust worthy room mate to share apartment with.
  • About Target Market (TAM , SAM & SOM)

Chennai’s 2021 population is now estimated at 11,235,018. In 1950, the population of Chennai was 1,491,293. Chennai has grown by 263,910 since 2015, which represents a 2.41% annual change.

Chennai has the third largest expatriate population in the country behind Mumbai and Delhi, estimated at almost 90,000. Most residents of Chennai are Tamils. 62% of migrants to the city were from other parts of the state, 34% were from other parts of India, and 4% were from outside of India.

Chennai has a continued pattern of steady growth. Chennai has the fourth highest population of people lviing in poverty in India, estimated at 820,000, or 19% of the city’s total population (Source)

Chennai population is around 11,235,018, estimated 30% are non-natives . 3370505.4 is the audience we should be looking at.

Our universe is 3370505

Lets assume rest of the 70% is native home owner based out of Chennai.

Digital Native generation is looking for co living spaces in the city.

  • Target audience
  • Millennials & Gen Z
  • Always mobile
  • vibrant
  • digital native
  • Tech-Savvy
·         Family-Centric 
·         Achievement-Oriented
·         Team-Oriented
·         Generation Y & Z Is Prone to Job-Hopping
·         Generation Y & Z Craves Attention
  • Key SPICE of Match profiling
  1. matches habits.
  2. Ideological
  3. Lifestyle match
  4. Social status match
  5. House expense management
  6. Entertainment match
  7. City / state preferences
  8. Languages known
  9. Company background
  10. Professional match
  11. Next step professional help match
  • SWOT
Strength Weakness
StandardizationSpirit of innovationYoung highly spirited team Quality FeedbackTight MarginsBranding
Opportunities Threats
Growing demand for Professional setupsAggregate servicesFocus on AmenitiesSurge in Movement CompetitionSafety
  • Guiding document for executing the strategy
  1. Automate Search Process
  2. Algorithmic match making
  3. Due Diligence
  4. Additional services
  5. Scope for 3P services

Automate search process

Search will consist of local available places and individuals with Match Rank based on parameters such as Demographic, psychographic parameters, education , Age groups , profession, related industries and factors.

Algorithmic match making

Match making will be based on the RANK parameters. Rank parameters will be based on the social media profiles. As social media profiles disclose preferences and differences among individual.

Professional platforms like LinkedIn could give match rank better with people with same job profile, education level, aspirations & other.

Social media profiling from FB & Twitter will allow us to asses the ideological, social preferences, places visited, and other social common grounds.

Additional services

No broker is trying to get rid of brokers through the use of technology however brokers are the major chunk of listings.

We need individual service providers like verified doctors, Lawyers to weed out the brokers in these services.

Scope for 3P services

Service providers like Food, cleaning & transport services could be listed on the platform as premium offering.