Road mapping & feature discussion board


Road Mapping is critical step in formulating the draft of the product planning. I am big fan of visualizing every aspect.

Trello is my first choice of Product planning tool. Trello is available for free. Trello provides multiple template for the discussion.

Trello cards can be re arrgnged.

trello product planning
Trello Board on

How to start the discussion regarding the product planning on Trello?

You need to create a board. Either use given template or create your own from scratch. i always prefer creating my own because of the flexiblity of drag and drop.

step 1 of product discussion

Create Board of “Brief” provided by the management. with our favorite cards

What is the brief provided by the senior management. What is loosely based on rough mental sketch of the idea. What will discuss about the product features required.
in case of enhancement, what should strict itself to Customer requirements.

When is schedule of activities and self explantory. for example if you are working on Gaming product for kids, Launch date just after the exam session is good when

Who is the demographic statics. Define closely your target audience as much as possible.

Why is the ultimate question & should have come first. Why defines waters we are charting into either blue ocean or red ocean. Why is toughest to define but 50% of your work as product manager.
Read more for Blue ocean vs Red ocean strategy

How is something i would not ideally mix in the product strategy discussion. This requires broader participation of stakeholders. which technology or platform , which vendor or how to market are few question that need to be answered but i will keep them for another blog post ” How to do product planning” & tools required for it .