Reimagining Permanent No.


This is long due. while reading an article about the price hike happening on the recharges. we need a solution for the permanent number.

as we all know we all have existing SIM Cards with our personal number which needs to be recharged every month just to get the incoming.

Now few of the challenges,

  1. Everyone has dedicated number for personal use which he must have bought long time back and possibly with everyone.
  2. We all want to retain that number
  3. We wish to receive SMS / WhatsApp Msg and VOIP calls on that number
  4. That number is secondary number


How do we solve that problem

  1. Use the existing mobile no with additional “0” in the end of the number , i.e my number is 9889217574, my solution would use same number with adding 0 in the end making it to 98892175740 and that would be based on blockchain technology
  2. New mobile number could be with addition of country code of the exiting number 919889217574 in my case
  3. This number will be permanent and unique on the blockchain
  4. Even though SIM Card number expires this number will be available forever keeping it for the user
  5. To act as Unique digital ID card for each individual
  6. Connecting the same with crypto UPI id’s & wallets