Project tWork with EasyDay update version 1.1


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Searching for Work not the jobs

  1. User is looking for work basis his availability in his/her specific region
  2. This is non skill specific 
  3. Service provide & consumer both can rate each other
  4. Project section will allow the societies/ groups to create a project which is not less than 1 lakh rupees estimated project.
    1. Project can be bid realtime by the service providers
  5. There shall be real-time bidding for the project.


Around 60% of the people are in no skilled category. These are non specific job requirements. For example servicing of the home automation system or new project related to fireproofing the building or dog walker for that matter may not require very technical and computer oriented skills as we see generic freelancing and job boards.  

User Flow ( User looking for work) 

  1. User reaches to the portal 
  2. Inputs pincode to see what jobs / projects are available 
  3. For the interested projects / jobs he clicks on the * star to add it to his favorites.
  4. To see the details of the job in his locality he will be required to login with Mobile number and OTP.
  5. Whichever job he has selected he call directly open the chat box and send the details of his availability in the chat box itself.
  6. To bid on the projects (Team / entity projects ) user will possibly be visiting to that location, inspect the amount of work and give quote in the realtime.

Random images so that my concept doesn’t bore you. 

This image is here just because i like it .. or our users will feel this way

User Flow ( User post for work / projects) 

Users comes to the portal to show how many people in the locality are available in the area to take up the job.

There could be two search parameters, looking for work or looking for people ( workers ) 

This will be predictive search for the users. ( POST JOB / LOOK JOB) 

  • Either can search by the work in the area
  • Or they can see the workers in that area

To post the job user will select the second option ( POST Job ) .

User will be presented with the form to update the Heading / locaiton / frequency of work / expected budget / expertise required / strict with timing and brief description of the project with images if any required for the job. 

Once the job is posted, he will be informed about the update by 

  • How many times seems
  • How many people in the area possibly could help
  • People who responded  / favorited the job
  • People who sent a direct message to the poster
  • Once the Workers / providers have finalised the job they can rate each other like ola
  • Easy Day update – HIre regular caretaker to da mundane activities

Just last picture to end. But i liked this one. And possibly will build one like this.