Market Masala Mix


Idea came when i started studying Micro-masters “PRODUCT MANAGEMENT COURSE” from Edx BU.

Problem Hypothesis – Platform to allow product managers to test their marketability ideas with real people.

Question is why not use traditional methods of market testing or Some survey forms?

i found few shortcomings in Online & Offline customer surveys. Most of them
1) Users are doing it out of courtesy becase they have been approched human beings

2) Surveyours likeblity & presence also influences the response

3) Mood swings & environment is major cause of conflict

4) if User Surveys or User testing is too incentive driven , i doubt if there is enough motivation or candidness remains in response

5) Controlled environment testing is again dubious process & most of time environment is formed to fix one response

6) Existing brand name influence the response of the suvery

7) There is no real time structured analytics available

8) Sample size is way too small to derive any real insight for product which is not yet produces

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