Cash Payment Process


Customer Paying Cash? – This process is for the customers agreeing to pay in cash.

No – in case customer does not pay in cash ; POS will suggested alternative methods of payment.

Follow Online/Cheque Process – Customer is recommended alternative payment method of either online or cheque premium payment.

Yes – Customer agrees to payment in cash; POS will follow below given process for inwarding.

SMS with premium amount , proposal ID & SUVIDHA collection center address sent to customer- Customer agreeing to the cash payment will be forwarded with proposal ID & Suvidha collection center address. Customer is requested to visit the nearest suvidha shop to make the exact premium amount payment.

Customer visits SUVIDHA outlet & mentions proposal ID / Premium – Customer will pay the premium in cash to suvidha shop.

Suvidha counter-checks in the system integrated with SMC – Suvidha franchise will counter- check Proposal ID against which premium amount is to inwarded. Post confirmation against the proposal ID , Suvidha shop will request for the premium amount to be paid by the customer.

Details Match? – Suvidha counter will verify the proposal ID in the SMC system. Payment could only be made if such proposal ID exists in the system.

No – if proposal ID provided by the customer does not match in the suvidha’s integrated system.

SUVIDHA declines payment acceptance – Suvidha shop declines to receive the payment for the given proposal ID.

Yes- Given proposal ID matches in the Suvidha’s SMC integrated system.

Suvidha accepts exact payment & sends transaction number to customer Suvidha’s system sends payment confirmation to SMC system

SMC system fetches up policy against APD* with insurer- Once confirmed by the POS about the cash payment, SMC system will initiate the policy payment. Payment for the same would debited from the APD. Post successful payment policy generation will happen from the insurers end.

Policy sent to customer & POS in real time by SMC- Successful policy generation will allow POS to download the policy and share it with the customer also insurer’s system will also trigger soft copy of the policy to the provided mail ID.

Welcome email sent by SMC to the customer- SMC system will trigger welcome mail to the customer with the policy details.

STOP- Cash payment process ends.

*Please note – SMC will keep sufficient APD balance with insurers to ensure policies are generated.