Over 10 years of experience rich experience in Research & Development, Digital Marketing & Product Management
• Successfully leading a team of Developers & Product managers for Health, Motor, Commercial Vehicle, Travel, Critical Illness, Personal accident, Home insurance & Term insurance; managing over 30 partner integrations
• Leader & Organizational Change Agent, delivering business results focused on improving business processes to improve reliability, increase simplicity, and enable scalable growth
• Tracking current marketing trends & successfully providing budgetary assistance to senior management
• Excellent at managing complete engineering operations involving requirement analysis, finalizing specifications, designing, prototype development, testing & development in compliance to global quality standards and clients requirements
• Rendered support for transition/ transformation efforts; coordinated with key customers/ partners to retain customers and develop business
• Experienced in implementing procedures to facilitate a high-quality customer experience, while adhering to the SLA
• Strong exposure in assuring that all newly developed products have represented the maximum quality & reliability attainable by establishing effective quality control inspections, tests & corrective procedures
• Proficient in Insurance Business processes, technology architecture, product integration and CRM development
• Skilled in implementing innovative techniques and process design & validation as per the final finished drawing to design the process flow & stage drawing as per final design requirements.

Currently working with SMC insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd

Key Result Areas:

  • Managing POS Product Development, Business Logics & UW
  • Successfully defining development & design of the portal, integrating management with over 20 General Insurance & Life Insurers; initiating Technical & Operational Processes
  • Leading and coordinating with Technology, Product Development, Insurance Sales & Administration Console Teams
  • Enabling POS Signup & sales processes; providing operational support relating to issuance, endorsement and pay-outs
  • Directing the start-up of functions and driving end-to-end projects for Business Transformation and developing key partnerships to assist in a range of strategic operations
  • Planning day-to-day research activities and resolving procedural problems for timely completion of objectives
  • Spearheading entire product development including requirement analysis, finalizing design specifications, prototype planning, testing, getting approval for prototype and making necessary modifications in the designed product
  • Preparing the product as per design intent and translating design model using quality tools; working in synergy with internal & external customers / manufacturing facility to implement value engineering initiatives
  • Defining product vision, roadmap and growth opportunities from the point of view of customer, end user or stakeholders
  • Developing project plans, estimating time requirements, establishing deadlines, monitoring milestones, tracking project lifecycle, reporting issues that impact project progress to both client & top management
  • Implementing problem analysis, root cause study, design countermeasure taking and validation of countermeasure
  • Identifying areas of bottlenecks & breakdown and non-conforming products; taking steps to achieve zero accident & customer complaints through the application of troubleshooting tools like root cause analysis
  • Steering the successful roll-out of projects with task of defining scope, setting timelines, prioritizing tasks and identifying dependencies as per pre-set budgets
  • Analysing latest marketing trends and tracking competitors’ activities and providing valuable inputs for fine tuning sales & marketing strategies; initiating market development efforts
  • Attending technical review & specification meeting with toolmakers & suppliers
  • Leading & mentoring multidisciplinary cross-functional team members to ensure efficiency in process operations
  • Heading the team members to maintain excellence in problem-solving; identifying the training & development needs for the Client Service Team and organizing programmes for the same